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   Testimonials  Akin's Auto Repair


These guys are amazing!                                                                                                     

 If you want honest and sincere mechanics, this is the place to come. A friend had just taken his car to Akin and confirmed that indeed the reviews we read were true. When I brought my car in and met Akin, I immediately felt at ease. They treated me so well that it reminded me of the type of service you would find from a small town, mom-and-pop type of business. Pretty much, the type of service that is very difficult to find nowadays. My car needed serious work. It was the second time in two weeks my CEL came on. The first time, I was out of town so I went to a mechanic nearby. My car reported a cylinder misfire and the mechanic did a [very] quick inspection and suggested new spark plugs. They changed the spark plugs, and unfortunately, two weeks later my CEL came on again and my car began to sputter on the highway. After the weekend passed I brought my car into Akin's on a Monday and by that afternoon he called to inform me that I had a blown head gasket. He was able to find the cause of it all [water pump and coolant leaking] and he was very straightforward about the options I had. Akin and his brother Aydin replaced the head gasket and water pump, rotated my tires, installed new brakes, and changed the oil, all at an excellent rate that I don't believe I would have got from anywhere else. They even offered to wash my car! Akin also had a video of where he found leaks and showed me all the parts they removed and replaced. They are the first shop to ever recommend I come in a week later so that they can inspect my car again to make sure everything is going well. If your car needs work and you want professional, high quality service from mechanics that will give it to you straight and treat you well, this is the place to go. Extremely recommended.

SANDY -Feb 26, 2011

San jose,ca

Friday evening driving home from work

 my radiator blew on the highway. My usual mechanic lives far away and with a busted radiator, commuting there was out of the question. I just moved to the area and a friend mentioned this shop from all the great ratings. I called Akin's up early on Saturday morning and asked to make an appointment. I was told to just bring the car in and they would work on it throughout the day. Let me just say, the customer service at his place is GREAT. From the second I got to the shop, up until I picked up the car (which was after hours), it was a VERY pleasant experience. Every review about this place is correct. I didn't think that if I called on a Saturday morning, that they would even entertain the idea of adding more to their appointments, but they did. Heck, they even gave me a ride home after I dropped off the car. Don't waste time with other shops, go straight here, you will not regret it. You cannot find this kind of honesty in mechanics anymore. The professionalism, rates, and quality of work are unmatched. I am recommending this place to all my friends. UPDATE: 4/5/2011 Had trouble with my window on my car, the motor was worn out. Akin got me an appointment and all fixed within a day. I cannot recommend this place enough

 Manuel‎ - Apr 6, 2011

Santa Clara,CA

Five Star Auto repair shop!

 I had a steering/suspension issue & for 2 years showed it to different mechanics & they never figured out what the problem was. Then I found Akin's last month. Akin's auto repair diagnosed the problem with my steering & suspension very quickly & advised a plan to repair it. I also got a tune up & my car is working great again. They have very good prices & explain everything & treat you nicely and are honest. They tell you what's needed & what's not needed. They also gave me their 15% off my first repair! I definitely will be going to them again for car repair & service.

 MB ‎ - Jul 21, 2011

San Jose ,CA

You have a problem, he has your solution !

 Often times you have to wonder who do other mechanics go to when they're stuck. Apparently they go to Akin (no joke I saw 3 other mechanics in the shop taking their problems to this problem solving mechanic). So why do they go to him? Because his prices are fair, he takes time to explain to you what went wrong and why (and will even show you your old part as well), and guarantees his work. So why should YOU go to them? Well if you want a mechanic who's honest, gives you excellent time estimates, gives you a fair price, and specializes in diagnosing the stuff other mechanics have given up on... why go to anyone else?

 SPW ‎ - Jul 12, 2010


Top Notch Service !

 I found Akin listed in Craigs list a few months ago and he gave me a great quote on fixing my brakes. I took in my vehicle with a time crunch as I was needed at my office. Not only did he do the work quickly to accomodate my schedule but he gave me a great deal on the work provided. Recently I blew my head gasket and needed a new engine. I got 4 quotes and Akin's was by far the most reasonable. We spoke extensively as to what he was going to do and he not only proceeded to be a man of his word but he far exceeded my expectations on the job. Akin and his brother run this shop. This is one of those occurences where you stumble upon a provider that you know you will be working with for years and years because of the trust and work exhibted. I recommend this shop to anyone seeking quality service at reasonable prices with a provider you can trust

May 21, 2010


I have used Akin's repair service

I have used Akin's repair service on two occasion'sand have found him to be a very professional business owner as well as an excellent mechanic!My first experience with Akins was to have a transmission installed in my SUV.When i left the car with him in the morning, it was ready a few hours later!Very fast service at a fantastic price. The second time i experienced a problem is when the car would not start.When it was towed into the shop, He quickly troubleshooted the problem and found a bad relay not working( i might ad it was hidden very well) Akins shop is very clean and he has a waiting area with ALL the comforts of a 4 star hotel Seriously! I would recommend Akins repair service to anyone that wants a job done right the first time with excellent customer care as well.

Jim 07/20/2011

Redwood City

have nothing but good things to write about Akin's Auto Repair. I googled 5 star auto repair shops a few months ago, and Akin's came up right away. I went to his auto garage, and he found my problem right away. I came back to Akin's at a later date, and asked him to fix my truck.
There is no doubt that he did an excellent job, and made my truck a reliable vehicle again. I found Akin to be honest, and knowledgeable. He knows his job, inside and out. He delivered 5 star work as promised. I cannot remember ever being so satisfied with the work of a mechanic, as I am with Akin's work.
I would highly recommend Akin's Auto Repair to anyone that needs vehicle repairs or service. Akin's is simply the best.


Mountain View 12/24/2010

I Have never met such a genuine car mechanic !


This is absolutely, hands down the best auto mechanic I have ever visited. I have a 2006 chevy equinox and just recently my breaks have been squeaky. I took my car in for an oil change to a different place and asked the mechanic about the brakes he said that they needed to be fixed and he estmiated it at around $230. That sucked because $230 is alot of money to me right now. My dad suggested I check out Akin's. Akin said he would only charge me $160. What a relief. I took my car in early this morning and shortly after I left Akin called me and said there is nothing wrong with my brakes in fact they are pretty much brand new. He was so kind about everything including taking my time to pick my car up. I have never met such a genuine car mechanic. I told my Mom the story and she said" Well it looks like we found our new mechanic."
I can't say enough how greatful I am that he was so honest and genuine with me today. He could have just worked and got paid but instead he looked out for his customer's better good. I hope he gets alot of good karma. I know I will be visiting him in 3000 miles for my oil change! Everyone should!

Sharky  10/13/2010

San Jose

 Timing belt changed, it was over due !

 i have 2005 Lexus GX470, and I needed to have timing belt changed, it was over due. I shopped around for best price with quality service. I have found this place on internet and checked the reviews and called him. Not only he gave me the best price around town, and he also was very kind to explain the process and job in details and the most ,he offered nationwide warranty for year!!!! I really don't think that you can find any better deal anywhere else...I strongly suggest that you should check with this gentleman before you get anything done on your car/suv..

Thank you


San Jose,CA