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Special Savings on Brakes.New Rear or Front Rotors & Pads Starting At $220 with installation (Most Cars) 


Brakes Have A Hard Life

Every time you brake, all the kinetic energy of the moving vehicle is changed to heat by the brakes. Brakes operate in a very hostile environment, constantly picking up dirt and water and heating up and cooling down. In Colorado they have the added stress of mountain driving which generates tremendous amounts of heat when brakes are used to control speed on a long hill.

Quality Replacement Components

At Akins Auto Repair  When we service your brakes the job is done by an ASE certified technician.

If You Have Any of the Following Symptoms, Have Your Brakes Inspected

1)Pulling to one side when brakes are applied

2)  Soft brake pedal

3)Brake pedal pulsates

4)Brakes make scraping or grinding noise

5)You need to apply more pressure than normal to stop

6)Squeal when brakes are applied*

7)Brakes drag when foot is off the pedal